15A to 10A Adaptor Options for Caravans

Most caravans are wired with a 15A system for the 240V electrical. This is a heavier duty system than in most households which run 10A. As a result, the extension lead you plug into the side of your van is slightly different to your normal household extension cords.

A 15A extension cord has a larger earth pin (the vertical one at the bottom), than the 10A version. Almost all caravan parts are setup to provide 15A power to your van. The on-site power points are 15A rated, and have the large earth pin requirement. So plugging your van into 240V mains power at a caravan park is easy. You just get a 15A extension cord, and plug it into the caravan park power supply, and the other end into your caravan.

However, if you want to plug in your van at home, chances are that a 15A power supply and socket will not be available, but a 10A one will be. So, what's the solution? Well, we have two:

With either of these devices you plug the unit into the standard 10A power point. Then you run your 15A caravan extension lead from the device to your caravan. Simple!

You should try to limit the length of the cable between the device and the 10A power supply you are plugging it in to. It is not advisable to run extension leads between the device and the 10A power supply.