Caravan Anti-Flap Kits stocks a complete range of Anti-Flap kits for your caravan awning - including brands like Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kits, Carefree Anti Flap Kits and Camco Anti Flap Kits.

Anyone who has had their awning out in a storm or heavy winds quickly realise how much sail area there is in the awning. Heavy winds tend to make the awning fabric flap, making a noise and even buffeting the entire caravan around. A caravan anti-flap kit helps take our most of this flapping. Some kits even provide the hardware for attaching your caravan annex.

There are 3 main types of anti-flap kits:

  • Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kits - this is a set of two telescoping bars that attach to each end of your caravan awning vinyl. One end of the bar attaches to the sidewall of the van, and the other attaches to the aluminium roller of the awning. The bars themselves have a clamping mechanism along their entire length which grabs the awning fabric and prevents it from flapping. The underside of these anti-flap kits have a rope track / sail track into which you slide your caravan annex side walls.
  • Curved Roof Rafters / Bows. These are simple telescoping bars that sit underneath your caravan awning fabric and push up into it, giving it a curved profile and providing additional tension. You normally fit between 1-3 of these curved rafters to your awning.
  • Clamp Kits - small clamps that attach between the awning arm and the side of awning vinyl to provide extra tension.

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