Checking Your Caravan's Gas System Pressure

You should have a test point fitted to the outlet of your regulator. This is a requirement in many states, and is very useful for fault finding. You do need a gas "manometer" which connects to the test point and reads the pressure of your gas system.

The gas regulator will have a specified pressure output. Generally they are marked on the regulator. Most caravans should have a supply of 2.8 kPa out of the regulator.

Here are a few tests:

  • Leak Test
    • Connect gas meter to test point
    • Turn on gas bottle, and appropriate change-over tap if you have a dual bottle system.
    • Run each appliance in the van to ensure all air is bled out of lines
    • Turn off all appliances
    • Turn of gas bottles
    • Let system sit for 15+ mins
    • Monitor pressure on meter. Should not drop
  • Regulator test
    • Higher pressure than 2.8kPa indicates regulator is faulty and allowing too much flow
    • Lower pressure than 2.8kPa indicates either regulator is faulty or blocked, or pig tails blocked.