Fiamma Bike Carriers for Caravans and Motorhomes

The Fiamma range of bike carriers for caravans and motorhomes are the most popular choices when it comes to transporting your bike with your van. The two most popular choices are the

  • Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C
    • Standard unit suits two bikes, and can hold up to 4 bikes with additional adaptors
    • Shorter in height than the PRO version, so it can be mounted UNDER rear windows
    • Telescoping arms mount at between 40 -50cms in height
  • Fiamma Carry Bike Pro
    • Standard unit suits 2 bikes, and can hold up to 4 bikes with additional adaptors
    • Telecoping arms adjust 80 - 150cms in height.

What's the difference between the "Fiamma Carry Bike Pro" and the "Fiamma Carry Bike Pro C"?

The "C" is for compact. The only difference between the two units is the height of the frame that mounts onto the rear wall of the van. The "Carry Bike Pro C" is shorter at 40-50cms mounting height (distance between bottom brackets and top brackets). The "Carry Bike Pro" mounts at between 80-150 cms. In all other regards they are the same.

Both of these Fiamma bike carriers carry 2 bikes straight out of the box. They both have the capacity to carry up to 4 bikes.

How do I carry more bikes on the "Fiamma Carry Bike Pro" or "Pro C"

For either model you need to purchase an additional Rail - which is the bit the tyres sit on, and "Bike Block" - which is the top bracket that holds the bike in place.

The "Bike Blocks" are numbered 1-4. Each block is slightly longer than the previous one to reach out further from the frame to hold the bike.


The standard bike carriers can hold two bikes - in positions 1 and 3. (Therefore, they are supplied with "Bike Block 1" and "Bike Block 3" in the kits).

For the third bike, you need to purchase "Bike Block 2" - as it will sit between the two original positions. You also need an additional Rail.

For the fourth bike, you need to purchase "Bike Block 4" - as it sits oustide the other 3 bikes. You also need an additional Rail.

 Video of Fiamma CarryBike Pro operation

Also, checkout >>> Video showing additional of the 4th rail at Fiamma site.