Fiamma F45 Caravan Awning Size Guide

Aside from producing carry-bikes and RV accessories, Fiamma is also known for creating quality awnings. Built for outdoor excursions, their line of camping shades is made from waterproof and UV resistant vinyl. Their products are light, durable, and have bright colours that’ll add a cheerful vibe to your camping trip with the family.

When buying an awning for your RV or caravan, one of the factors that you need to consider is the size. Usually, a caravan comes with a handy awning size or “A Measurement” guide. But if you don’t have any manual nearby, that’s alright because you can still measure it manually. Plus, you can also check out the awning size guide provided below.

Measuring Your Caravan

As mentioned earlier, you need to get the “A Measurement” of your awning. To get the “A Measurement,” place your caravan on level ground. Afterwards, measure it from ground to ground. Start from the point directly underneath the awning channel from one end. Then, measure the length of your caravan from point underneath the awning channel up to the other end.

After obtaining the measurements of your caravan, refer to the table below. We’ve also provided an image of the available colours so you can easily choose one that suit your preferences.



Product Name Awning Length A Canopy Length B Extension C Shade Surface Weight Available Colours
F45 S 260 263cm 247cm 200cm 4.9m2 19.5kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean
F45 S 300 308cm 292cm 205cm 7.3m2 23kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean
F45 S 350 348cm 331cm 250cm 8.3m2 25kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean
F45 S 400 398cm 381cm 250cm 9.5m2 27kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean
F45 L 450 452cm 435cm 250cm 10.9m2 35kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean
F45 L 500 502cm 485cm 250cm 12m2 38kg Sahara Evergreen Deluxe Grey Bordeaux Blue Ocean


Fiamma Awnings Colour Guide Fiamma Awnings Colour Guide











Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma offers various types of awnings that can make your camping trip more comfortable. The F45s, for instance, is a compact canopy that’s made from durable vinyl. Even though it’s lightweight, this awning is resistant to UV rays, waterproof, and washable. Plus, it comes in several bright colours that’ll surely add a festive vibe to any outdoor trip.

Some of their other line of products are:

  • Fiamma ZIP – a type of awning that comes with zip fasteners and front and side panels. The canopy can be transformed into a full enclosure to increase your living space.
  • Fiamma 65s – this is one of Fiamma’s latest models. It can easily fit on your car without overhanging. Its end caps are made from aluminium for superb stability.
  • CaravanStore ZIP – This manual awning and enclosure features wind-proof and water-proof zip fasteners to provide protection against the elements, and increase your living space.

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