Twin Pack Heavy Duty Anodes Suit Suburban


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Twin pack of anodes

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Twin pack of anodes


Grab a bargain and get two anodes to suit your Suburban hot water system. 

Anodes are a sacrificial device that deteriorate in harsh water conditions in order to protect the tank of your hot water system. 

Anodes are the most commonly replaced part of any caravan, and should be checked every 6 months. 

Leaving an anode in your hot water system can lead to corrosion in the water tank and connected plumbing fittings. In major cases the tank leaks slowly or cracks, and can cause damage to the rest of your van from water damage. If your van is unattended at this time, water will continue to flow creating a major repair job.

Anodes are easy to replace and come with full instructions.

Remember to clean out your tank when you replace the anode. 

How to replace your Suburban hot water system anode

  • Disconnect mains/city water connection
  • Turn water pump off
  • Open up kitchen tap to release pressure in system
  • Close tap
  • Open external flap on hot water system from outside the van
  • Get a bucket
  • Unscrew the old anode - be careful here because water will start spurting out
  • Catch the water in the bucket
  • Turn on water pump / connect city water 
  • Allow water to slowly run through hot water system, flushing it out
  • Use a piece of wire with a hooked end and poke into tank through anode socket and agitate to remove built up calcification
  • You should see white flaky bits come out
  • Continue until water runs clear
  • Stop pump / disconnect mains water
  • Ensure anode is fitting with plumbers sealant tape (anode comes pre-fitted with this)
  • Screw into socket (this is an interference fit)
  • Open kitchen tap again
  • Start pump / connect city water
  • Allow air to bleed out of kitchen tap
  • Once kitchen tap running smoothly, turn off tap
  • Allow system to build up pressure (water pump should switch off automatically)
  • Check hot water system anode connection for leaks