Price Beat Guarantee

So you have found the perfect item and its cheaper on one of our competitors sites? Why not try our Price Beat Guarantee

Hows it Works

  • Click on our "Chat" link (bottom-right of page to speak with one of our Customer Service staff)
  • Provide them a screenshot, photo or direct link to a product that you want to have the price beaten on. It must be identical to a product we have available on our online store at
  • Our staff will check the item, determine eligibility for our Price Beat Guarantee, crunch the numbers and then calculate a revised price.
  • You will then be supplied with a coupon code for use at our online store which will discount the price of that item

    Coupon discount only applicable to the product you are seeking a discount on
    Coupon can be used once only


We are unable to offer our Price Beat Guarantee in the following circumstances:

  1. Cashback / Coupon offers eg supplier cashback or price reduction via paper coupon or electronic codeword
  2. Commercial quantities and pricing
  3. Stock liquidations eg clearance products or goods sold by a business in liquidation

How it Works (by screenshot)

NOTE: Please click on any screenshot below to view enlarged version

Get in contact with us via our Livechat facility


Once you have been provided the discount coupon, go to the product and add item to cart in usual way. From this point you can either go "View Cart" or "Checkout" - you can enter coupons on either screen as follows:

via View Cart

 Enter coupon code
Enter coupon into Discount Code field and click on the Apply button

Check coupon code applied
Check the coupon has been successfully applied

Check the discount at checkout
Check that the discount has been carried through to the checkout page before you finalise your order

via Checkout

Click on link to activate discount section
Click on link to activate discount section

Enter discount
Enter discount coupon and click on the Apply button

Check that the discount has been applied
Check that the discount has been applied before finalising your order