Price Beat Guarantee

So you have found the perfect item and its cheaper on one of our competitors sites? Why not try our Price Beat Guarantee

Hows it Works

  • Click on our "Chat" link (bottom-right of page to speak with one of our Customer Service staff)
  • Provide them a screenshot, photo or direct link to a product that you want to have the price beaten on. It must be identical to a product we have available on our online store at We will also need your postcode to determine the cost of shipping which you would have incurred elsewhere.
  • Our staff will check the item, determine eligibility for our Price Beat Guarantee, crunch the numbers and then calculate a revised price which will match or beat the "product price" + "shipping" you would have paid elsewhere.
  • You will then be supplied with a coupon code for use at our online store which will discount the price of that item

    Coupon discount only applicable to the product you are seeking a discount on
    Coupon can be used once only


We are unable to offer our Price Beat Guarantee in the following circumstances:

  1. Cashback / Coupon offers eg supplier cashback or price reduction via paper coupon or electronic codeword
  2. Commercial quantities and pricing
  3. Stock liquidations eg clearance products or goods sold by a business in liquidation
  4. Where you have not supplied your postcode to determine the shipping cost part of the "total order value"