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Caravan Anti-Flap Kit Guide

Here is your complete guide to caravan anti-flip kits in Australia.

Caravan Anti-Flap Kit Size Guide - Aussie Traveller

How to select the correct size Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap kit for your caravan or motorhome awning.

Many people select the wrong size of anti-flap kit, because they measure the wrong part of their awning. They also measure the awning when it is incorrectly setup.

There are 3 sizes of Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap kits:

  • Small: 2,100 - 2,200 mm
  • Medium: 2,200 - 2,300 mm
  • Large: 2,300 - 2,400mm

The length dimension refers to the "Nominal Length" pictured here.

Anti-Flap Kit Nominal Length

All awnings vary in "extension" length. It depends on the brand, and also the year of manufacture. You MUST measure your ACTUAL awning when on the van to get this dimension correct.

Correct Awning Extension - Not Completely Rolled Out

Correct Awning Extension - Not Completely Rolled Out

IMPORTANT: Note here the rotation of the roller tube. The first "roller tube polyrod" (which is where the awning vinyl first connects to the roller and normally has a plastic type spline) is NOT directly up.

If you FULLY extend the awning, the roller will be rotated clockwise a bit further than in the above diagram, resulting in a "gutter effect" as below. This is extended TOO FAR, and needs to be rolled in a bit so it looks like the above. The problem with the gutter effect is that water will pool in this area, and eventually leak inside your annex wall.

Incorrect Awning Extension - Completely Rolled Out

Incorrect Awning Extension - Completely Rolled Out

Based on setting up your awning correctly, the diagram below shows how the anti-flap kit fits. You need to measure this dimension to select the correct anti-flap kit length.

Showing location of anti-flap kit and where to measure

Showing location of anti-flap kit and where to measure

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Other Things to Note

  • The gap in the middle of the anti-flap kit bar is used to feed in the side annex wall. ie you feed the wall into the anti-flap kit heading towards to van first (this holds half the wall), then you feed the other end of the wall into the lower part of the anti-flap kit heading towards the roller).
  • The gap in the middle starts at about 60mm when at its smallest extension (ie a 2100-2200mm kit has a 60mm gap when set at 2100mm, and a 160mm gap when set at 2200mm).
  • Generally, the larger the gap the easier it is to put in the sidewall. So where you have a choice between a smaller or larger kit - get the smaller one so the gap ends up larger.
  • It is useful to get some curved roof rafters to support the middle part of your awning in addition to the anti-flap kit.

Setting Up an Annex
Curved Roof Rafters / Bows

Curved roof rafters fit in the middle of your awning to raise and tension the vinyl roof. As a general rule awnings lengths:

  • Less than 15' long require 1x rafter in the centre
  • Over 15' require 2x rafters spaced equally

As an added bonus, when positioned appropriately, the rafter can give you a bit more height over your door so the top edge of the door doesn't rub on the vinyl roof.

There are a few different types of curved roof rafters:

Over extended durations (months/years) the curved rafter will tend to stretch the vinyl roof, but by that stage, the awning is probably due for replacement anyway.