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Caravan Roof Top Air Conditioners

Just like you can fit a split system or window-box style air-conditioner to your home, there are a range of specific RV and caravan air conditioning units available. In this category you will find our range of Roof Top Air Conditioners. There are a range of units available, depending on the size opening you wish to cut out of your roof to house the air conditioning unit - 360mm, 360mm or 400mm and 400mm. And just like traditional household units, depending on the make and model you buy will depend the different features you enjoy. Check out our Caravan Air Conditioners Guide for more specifics or you can view a head-to-head comparison of the most popular air conditioners on the market. If you don't wish to cut a hole in your roof, you can opt for built-in air conditioner styles also.

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Suit 360mm Opening

Suit 360mm or 400mm Opening

Suit 400mm Opening


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