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AL-KOOur products in the Automotive sector ensure your safety on the road. We are regarded as a reliable partner to our customers as a high-performance and professional supplier to the automotive industry.

Mettec-Gruppe combines the Automotive, Metal Component Production and Rail Engineering divisions acquired from the Kohl Group. At our sites, we machine, among other things, metals for modern automotive construction and are a specialist for pressed parts and welded assemblies.

Prinz Kinematics GmbH produces hinges for the automotive industry. As the European market leader in luggage compartment cover hinges for limousines and with growing sales of tailgate hinges for SUVs and vans, the former Witte Stromberg GmbH has become a renowned supplier to the automotive industry, with Daimler, Volvo and BMW numbering amongst their customers.

All products in our Automotive division help you to have a safe journey – thus ensuring greater comfort and enjoyment out on the roads.

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