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Ark Corporation

  • We are true innovators.Ark Corporation
  • We use our love of the outdoors to drive our innovation.
  • We don't follow trends, and we do not copy; we have a genuine desire to evolve and improve, always.
  • We are proudly 100% Australian owned and run.
  • We know how varied the Australian landscape can be and the kind of issues you can face when you are out camping, caravanning, boating, fishing and 4WDing and we design our products accordingly.

Ark was born out of a simple desire for products and quality that couldn’t be found in the market. 40 years’ experience has taught us that following our desire for better will lead us to great places and in turn, take Australians further, in smarter and better ways.

There’s nothing better than getting outside and exploring all that Australia has to offer. Anyone with a love of the Australian outdoors can tell you that she can be as unforgiving as she is beautiful, which means that quality is of the utmost importance.

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