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Explorer RV

Explorer RVRV Reception Systems is a partnership of individuals who have spent collectively some 90 years in the antenna business. Our background is signals, antennae and cables. We have sold and installed antennae and systems for individual homes, caravans, hotels, villages, schools and airports. This background has provided us with the opportunity to design and manufacture the best possible Caravan Antenna System in Australia with the brand as ‘ explorer RV ‘.

Our Caravan Antenna system was first released more than 20 years ago. Over time it has been refined and improved significantly and much attention has been paid to the individual components of the system. This has resulted in a vastly improved product, better pictures and many more happy customers.

Explorer RV is today purely dedicated to the Pursuit of Excellence in the Caravan & RV Market. Our goal is to be the No 1 Customised Supplier in the market place in Australia and develop and sell to the export markets.

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