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Free as the Wind
FiammaThe scent of grass and light of the stars, the sound of the sea and the crickets chirping: living in the open air and changing the daily routine are nice ways to spend your holidays. With Fiamma you can! Our products help make your outdoor life more comfortable. The red symbol of the brand is as dynamic, alive and active as our customers. Fiamma has everything that a motorhome fan needs: you can browse our vast range of Fiamma products in our catalogue. Find out the secrets of Fiamma universe to live your holiday in the best way possible.

You are in good hands
Join FIAMMA and new world of motorhome accessories will be ready for you: bikes carriers, awnings, first-class accessories, everything gets simpler and more efficient with Fiamma. Would you like to know it? It’s simple: applying to an authorized dealer you will have a practical demonstration! Fiamma is the leading company for Motorhome fans and for the outdoor lifestyle. You can trust the quality and depend on service that Fiamma has estabilished over the last 60 years, producing outstanding precision engineered RV accessories. The Fiamma trademark is a guarantee for quality and Fiamma is ISO 9001 certified. You are in good hands because Fiamma offers you only reliable and safe products, that give you many years of dependability. This is why Fiamma is the leading brand recommended by industry experts. Choose Fiamma products with confidence and your outdoor lifestyle will be more comfortable! It’s very important for us to receive your suggestions in order to help us to enlarge and develop our range of products. With an only aim: improving life of all motorhome fans!

Enjoy your holidays!

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