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Flat Out

Flat OutUser friendly, compact and made to last!

The Multi-Reel, our signature product, allows you to store our flat hoses, your power leads and other long easily tangled items. Multi-Reels stack neatly, ensuring ultra tidy storage.

Our Flat Drink Water Hose aims to be the best caravan/motorhome hose available. This high pressure rated hose, complete with quality brass fittings rolls flat on our Multi-Reel. The internal lining is potable water PVC that complies with coveted AS 4020 standards.

Our Sullage Hose (Grey Water Hose) rounds out the connections package. Offering users a versatile solution, each reel contains 2 lengths of hose (they are easy to join together), so you only need use the length desired to reach your drain point. Its smooth finish inhibits debris build-up and its flexibility ensures longevity and easy winding. It also expels residue water as you wind it flat onto our Multi-reel.

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