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Experiencing unpleasant odours in the limited space available in a motorhome or caravan is a taboo topic for many users, despite the fact that such stenches have significantly dampened the holiday mood of virtually every camper at least once.

The company SOG®Systeme OHG, which was founded in 1994, uses its many years of development experience to offer a variety of different ventilation systems for the optimisation of toilets. The main objective of the company's patented systems is to enable caravan and motorhome toilets to be used without chemicals while also increasing the comfort of using such toilets by eliminating odours.

Environmentally friendly solutions made in Germany

SOG®Systeme OHG produces all of its environmentally friendly systems at its own manufacturing facilities in Germany and on the basis of high quality standards. The systems are mainly offered as original equipment but are also provided as retrofit solutions. The company primarily uses marketing activities in Europe to sell its products, but exports to Australia, the US, New Zealand and Japan are also constantly increasing.  

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