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Camec Shade Protector Size Guide

To select the correct size Camec shade protector for your Camec window

  • Add +10mm to the HEIGHT of the window frame
  • Add +51mm to the WIDTH of the window frame

E.g. if your window is

380mm (H) x 914mm (W)

Then the shade protector you need is:

390mm (H) x 965mm (W)

Note - the window dimensions refer to the INTERIOR FRAME size. (It does not include the flanges on the exterior of the window). From inside your van, measure the height and width of the part of the window you can see.

(The cut-out through the wall of the van is generally +5mm greater than the window's specified dimensions in each direction so it has some leeway to actually be fitted).

Note - Camec Shade Protectors are currently only available in the curved acrylic style. Older shades were flat aluminium.

You also require a SHADE DRIP MOULD which is an aluminium extrusion that attaches to the wall of your van and acts as the hinge for installing the shade protector. The drip moulds only come in limited lengths so you need to select the correct size or larger, and then cut down to suit.

Camec: Shade Protector Size Guide


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