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Choosing a Caravan Cover

Caravan Cover Size Guide

There are three types of caravan covers

  • Camper
  • Pop-Top
  • Caravan

Things to be aware of:

  • Each type comes in various lengths from 8' - 20'. This "foot" measurement refers to the BODY length of your van. Do NOT include the draw-bar in your measurements. For campers, it is the length of the body in travel model (ie packed up).
  • The covers are generic and sizing and will suit any brand of caravan. Each size normally suits a range of lengths - e.g. 18-20'. Ensure you include things like the spare tyre in your measurement. It is generally better to go too big than too small.
  • If you are storing your pop-top with the roof up, you will need to choose the "Caravan" style cover.

Caravan Cover Size Guide

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European Style Vans

Euro vans like Adrias, Swifts etc tend to be narrower than Australian vans, and the covers can be a bit baggy. We have good results by taking the covers to a canvas shop and getting them to run them in. This only costs a few $ and gives you a great result!

Waterproof and Sweating

The covers are made of a water resistant fabric, but overall the cover is "breathable" - which means it is designed to let moisture out. This also lets moisture in. The covers are not completely waterproof.


Caravan covers have a special soft covering on the underside of the fabric designed to protect your van from harsh scratching. However, any flapping or rubbing can cause damage to your van's external cladding, windows and fittings. It is best to ensure your van is completely clean before using the cover, and fitting the cover such that it doesn't flap.