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John Guest Installation Advice


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To make a connection, the tube is simply pushed in by hand; the unique patented John Guest collet locking system then holds the tube firmly in place without deforming it or restricting flow. 

Materials of construction 

Super Speedfit fittings are made up of three components: 

Bodies are produced in an acetal copolymer or polypropylene. 
‘O’ rings are Nitrile rubber or EPDM. 
Collets are produced in acetal copolymer or polypropylene with stainless steel teeth. 

Grips before it seals


Cut the tube square 

Cut the tube square

Cut the tube square and remove burrs and sharp edges. Ensure the outside diameter is free of score marks. For soft or thin walled tube we recommend the use of a tube insert. 

Push up to tube stop 

Push up to tube stop

Push the tube into the fitting, to the tube stop. 

Pull to check secure 

Pull to check secure

Pull on the tube to check it is secure. Test the system before use. 


Push in collet and remove tube 

Push in collet and remove tube

To disconnect, ensure the system is depressurized, push the collet square against the fitting. With the collet held in this position the tube can be removed. 


Super Speedfit push-in fittings have been designed for a wide range of industrial applications. They provide a fast and secure way of connecting tubes and offer considerable advantages over conventional fittings. 

Complex tubing systems can be assembled more rapidly than with traditional methods and because Super Speedfit fittings are easy to disconnect, fault finding and maintenance become a much easier operation. 

Typical bar operation

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