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Electric Brake Controllers

A brake controller is a actual link between your towing vehicles brake pedal and the brakes on the axles of your trailer. Due to the additional weight behind your vehicle, when towing a caravan it makes it much more difficult to slow down. For this reason, it is essential to have a good quality brake controller fitted. They work by allowing the trailer to know how much braking power is needed each time the driver presses their foot on the towing vehicles brake pedal.

Proportional brake controllers (also known as pendulum brake controllers) automatically detect how fast or slow the tow vehicle is stopping and thus the brake controller then applies the same amount of brake force to the trailers brakes.

Time-delayed brake controllers work differently in that a pre-termined amount of power is set beforehand, dependant upon the weight that is being towed. This then allows the set amount of power to be applied to the trailers brakes when the towing vehicle slows or stops. Most time-delayed units allow both the time-delay and initial braking power to be adjusted.

How do you know if you need a brake controller? View our guide here >> You may also find our Guide to Safe Towing in Australia​​ of interest.

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