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Flat Out International Multi and Compact Reel Power Lead Capacity Guide

Commonly power leads are sold as Household (10 amp), Heavy Duty (10 amp or 15 amp) or Extra Heavy Duty (15 amp with extra-extra insulation). We have measured cable diameters and winding lengths to produce the following approximate guide.

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Lead Type (Thickness) Compact Multi-Reel Maximum Multi-Reel Maximum
Household (~8mm) 30 metres 30 metres
Heavy Duty (~9mm) 20 metres 30-40 metres depending on brand
Extra Heavy Duty (~10mm) 12 metres 20 metres


Until you’ve tried it you probably won’t understand exactly how easy our Multi-Reels are to use. It takes the same amount of time to pack up a lead onto our reels as it would to wind it around your elbow but when it comes to setting back up, you will really feel the difference. You may be a pro at winding your long lead but it only takes one moment of lost concentration when getting it back out (or someone else put it away badly) and you have a tangled mess to unravel, knots to undo and so on. With a Multi-Reel you just; anchor the lead at one end, walk away holding the Multi-Reel handle and allow it to unspool, unclick your other end from the reel, plug it in and you’re done!


A more important advantage is increasing the longevity of your lead. Did you know that every time you twist a power lead (which happens when hand bundling) you risk some of the internal copper cracking. When enough of these copper threads break, your lead becomes unsafe and stops working.


Multi-Reels are impact resistant. Once your lead is safely wound into the reel you can accidentally drop it, toss it into the back of the ute, bury it in the shed or slide it into that hard to reach cavity on your motorhome that wasn’t good for storing much else. It is a bit like the freedom you get when you put a case on your mobile phone.

We don’t recommend you deliberately try to destroy your reel, obviously it will stay nicer if you are kind to it, but we did have a customer tell us he accidentally drove over his, it cracked a bit but still works!

Even children can use Flat Out International Multi and Compact Multi Reels!
Even kids can use Flat Out International Reels!


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