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  • Suitable for use with CMS interconnecting leads only, direct connection.
  • Recess Required: 61mm
  • 250V, 50Hz, 20Amp installation coupler


This is not a standard electrical component, You MUST have a CMS  Plug in Electrical System for this to work..
Back “Plug” is Not included, only available on a CMS Lead.

240v CMS Electrical products are not your usual fittings as they feature a soft-wire install with interconnecting leads instead of the hard-wire install of standard fittings. The advantage to this is that it is fast and simple to install or un-install as it is just a coupling connection to a lead rather than hard-wiring actual wire to connect the fitting.

Because of this simplicity allot of manufacturers have implemented the CMS electrical systems since within their product and if you do have this system and are just looking to simply add to it, too easy as we happily do stock them.
To get power into your van you need a 15-amp inlet and if you’re looking at a CMS system or replacing one then this is what you need as it starts from here. The CMS 15-amp power inlet features all the usual appointments of a regular 15-amp inlet such as a spring-loaded weather flap, IP44 rating, large earth pin and common sized four screw mount-frame but on rear it features the classic CMS plug in socket with safety clip for a quick, simple & dependable connection that your electrician will love.

Being CMS you can be assured of it dependable quality as its well proven itself over many years as the standard go-to installation with the big brand manufacturers opting for CMS only throughout their range.




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Australian Support



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