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Suitable for ball weights between 135kg - 275kg

Similar to the 275lg/600lb Standard WDS except that the Classic WDS is composed of the Hayman Reese traditional welded head.

Hayman Reese have been Australia’s number 1 towing brand for over 6o years and that is why they back their products with a Hayman Reese Lifetime Warranty.  Weight Distribution Systems (WDS) restore the geometry of the tow vehicle (such as a ute) to its natural state.  A WDS transfers the weight from the rear wheels of the ute to two places: the front wheels of the ute and the wheels of the trailer.  To put it simply, a good WDS will level the link between trailer and ute so it is in parallel alignment to the road. 

When towing a trailer, the trailer’s total ball weight is applied to the rear of your vehicle.  When this happens, the front suspension of your vehicle is raised because of the added rear weight.  Towing like this can cause excess swaying of your trailer, reduced steering and breaking responsiveness, less traction and headlights that beam upwards instead of down onto the road in front of you.  Over time, you may also experience reduced fuel economy and increased tyre wear (especially on the rear tyres).  Hayman Reese have a number of WDS’s available to improve your control over your vehicle while towing and reducing the amount of sway you experience.

The Classic WDS has straight, trunnion style, high performance spring bars with integrated cams and an updated lightweight (but extra durable) cast steel shank. Suitable to towing most popular caravans, it has a ball weight capacity of between 135Kg and 275Kg.



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# Details
76003F Hayman Reese 275kg/600lb Classic 30 inch bars - with shank
76003F-NS Hayman Reese 275kg/600lb Classic 30 inch bars - no shank


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Australian Support



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