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Rips & tears on any vinyl or fabric surface are no longer a dreaded problem if you have this Tear-aid instant repair system on hand. It has its own unique features that enable it to perform exceptionally well in any area, and is more effective than any other repair patches, on both dry and wet surfaces.

Due to its high elasticity, Tear-aid has the unique ability to stretch across the tear when inflatable objects are being re-inflated. This means that the patch never becomes strained or tense which would pose the risk of splitting again.

Tear Aid Type A - Gold (Fabric)

Tear Aid Type A gold is the original repair kit, suited for most general repairs on the following fabrics:
Canvas, rubber, aluminium, nylon, fibreglass, steel, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, Gortex, dacron, polyester

Tear Aid Type B - Green (Vinyl)
Tear-aid green instant repair system suited for vinyl and vinyl-coated products with inhibitor which blocks the oils in vinyl to ensure its bonds.
Ideal for: Vinyl RV awnings, air mattresses, inflatables, and other vinyl products.


  • Won't weaken or discolour with extreme temperatures or pressure or over time.
  • Resists abrasion and punctures.
  • Resists UV.
  • Clear, easy cutting tape.
  • Inhibitor which blocks the oils in vinyl to ensure it bonds.


  • 75mm x 300mm + small patches
  • Includes cleaner



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Australian Support



Best Deal