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SOG Type B installation (process is very simliar regardless of SOG type)

This SOG Toilet kit is suitable for all Dometic CT3000 type toilet cassettes including:

  • Dometic CT3000 (Check on the underside of the cassette to see if it has the markings for a CT3000 Dometic type)
  • Dometic CTS3110
  • Dometic CTS4110

These are the new style cassettes with a black handle and black spout cap and light green flaps on the top surface.


  • It is 100% chemical free
  • Low running costs as ordinary toilet paper can be used and no chemicals needed
  • Low power consumption
  • Colour Available: White, Dark Grey & Black
    (colour pertains to filter housing that gets fitted on the outside of the service door)

Flexibility when wild camping etc. as no requirement to use a chemical WC Toilet emptying point and normal toilets can be used for emptying due to the lack of chemicals

  • You can also empty whenever the chance arises safe in the knowledge that a fresh batch of chemicals isnt going to be wasted
  • Unwanted aromas no longer present inside motorhome even when SOG System is in use
  • Emptying process easier as the contents of the cassette are decomposed more than without SOG
  • No suitable for other SOG units

Your SOG Kit includes:

  • Hose
  • Motor
  • Wiring loom
  • Charcoal filter
  • Pressure valve/plug
  • Filter housing



To find out more information about SOG Kits, please click here >>

SOG Fitted

By: on 18 July 2021
After reading the instructions multiple times. I fitted the unit, needed to slightly alter the supplied wiring harness (added extra wire to lengthen one wire) All went well and now we just need to get out of lockdown to see how affectively it works.


By: on 1 September 2020
Fantastic price and quality product. Very happy with purcase. Great online store. A+
Caravan Parts Response
Great to hear of your satisfaction with your new SOG and our service. Thank you :)

SOG Vent kit type 3000A to suit Domentic CT4110

By: on 18 May 2020
Product was promptly delivered. Instructions (received with product) were reasonable but a little confusing at picture 7 which deals with inserting the magnet into the cassette slide handle. What the picture does not show is that the cassette needs to be turned upside down to show the slide handle screws to fit the magnet. Also you need to be careful in fitting the magnet that you do not pull the slider out of the guides. If this happens the cassette can be inserted, but then it cannot be removed! The rest of the instructions are fine and unit was installed successfully. Very pleased with the final result.
Caravan Parts Response
Thanks ever so much for taking the time to explain an issue you encountered and how you overcame it. I am sure other new SOG 3000A owners will appreciate your advice! :)

DIY SOG fitment

By: on 21 January 2020
I have been putting off buying this product for a long time due to cost. BUT, a friend just bought a new motor home that had one fitted and he said that it was one of those very few after market accessories that ACTUALLY does what it is supposed to. So I ordered from Caravan Parts and it arrived on the due date, I read the installation instructions a few times and proceeded to install it. Two things I noticed was that the plug you use to block the Hole in the cassette when emptying could easily be lost so I attached a small wire tie to the cassette and the plug and all is okay. The other thing was that any access hatch was a single ply panel and as such the fan assembly was way too long and had to be spaced with a short piece of plastic pipe that the fan could fit inside then attached to the door. It took me about an 1 hour to fit and the only mechanical bit was a hole to be cut in the door and some wire terminals to be fitted. It has been in place for a week now and is fantastic. The toilet gets used regularly due to health reasons. I still use a bit of Napisan and eucalyptus oil but that is purely to maintain the cassette cleanliness.
Caravan Parts Response
Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. I am sure it will be invaluable info for other shoppers! :)

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