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SOG Type B installation (process is very simliar regardless of SOG type)

This side venting SOG Toilet kit is suitable for all Thetford C250/260/263 Cassette type toilet cassettes (including Ceramic). These are the newer style cassettes with orange wheels  and telescopic handle.

Check on the underside of the cassette to see if it has the markings for a C250 type

  • It is 100% chemical free
  • Low running costs as ordinary toilet paper can be used and no chemicals needed
  • Low power consumption

Flexibility when wild camping etc as no requirement to use a chemical WC Toilet emptying point and normal toilets can be used for emptying due to the lack of chemicals

  • You can also empty whenever the chance arises safe in the knowledge that a fresh batch of chemicals isnt going to be wasted
  • Unwanted aromas no longer present inside motorhome even when SOG System is in use
  • Emptying process easier as the contents of the cassette are decomposed more than without SOG
  • Not suitable for other SOG units

Your SOG Kit includes:

  • Hose
  • Motor
  • Wiring loom
  • Charcoal filter
  • Pressure valve/plug
  • Filter housing



To find out more information about SOG Kits, please click here >>

Q. I am looking at installing a S.O.G. toilet vent system to our caravan. The book shows it is C260. Is that the same as the C250? 
A. Yes the same SOG kit, SOG Type F, is used for both C250 and C260 cassette toilets.

SOG Unit Type F installation issue

By: on 16 September 2020
I recently installed this unit into our caravan. It was easy to install by following the enclosed instructions, however one aspect was disappointing and that was that the hose is about 5mm too great in diameter to allow the door to close without too much force, therefore putting excess pressure on the door clips and hinges. i.e. you have to press the door firmly to latch it closed. This may not be the case in all situations, but be aware of this before installing unit. Try putting the hose in between the door and the cassette to see if this is going to be a problem closing the door, giving you the option to return unit before you have done any work. Not used the unit yet as we are still in lock down and are not able to get away in caravan.
Caravan Parts Response
Thank you for the time taken to write such a detailed review. Greatly appreciated! :)

SOG System

By: on 4 June 2020
I ordered this product, and considering we are travelling, the product arrived well within expectation. The SOG System is an amazing product especially for people that are sensitive to chemical smells and other smells.
Caravan Parts Response
Thank you for your feedback. Happy to hear you are loving your SOG! :)

SOG Toilet Vent Kit Type F

By: on 7 February 2020
Thank you Team, Item was competitively priced and received as described with all necessary part for DIY install. Vent is performing well with no more odors in the van. Very happy with purchase and would recommend. Very happy with on-line experience, my order was dispatched to NSW in a timely manner. Would definitely buy again from Caravan Parts.
Caravan Parts Response
Thank you for your lovely review :)

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